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Information Designs, Inc.


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ALLiance for Leadership & Learning

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Biographical Information


Stanford University Stanford, CA

MSEE Graduated 1971
(Computer Architecture & Systems Programming)
BSEE Graduated 1970
(Co-Terminal BS-MS Degree program)

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Researcher and Consultant Boise, Idaho
Design Engineering/Consulting 1994-Present

Current interests are focused on design and application of large scale computer systems to business opportunities in the area of e-commerce. Specializing in assisting clients develop strategic business plans and recognizing business opportunities in the area of Digital Computer Systems/Networks. Specifically in the area of e-commerce and in the "illumination" of corporate information via internet/intranet.


Information Designs, Inc. Boise, Idaho
E-Commerce Market Development manager 1998-Present

IDI is a provider of E-Commerce software solutions. Assisting management in bringing CC Payment Server, enterprise to market. Directed internet based marketing effort and assisted in developing the corporate structure.

Pacific Computer Sales, Inc. (PCS) Boise, Idaho
Design Engineering and Corporate Management 1984-Present

Pacific Computer Sales, Inc. was founded in 1983 for the specific purpose of designing and manufacturing computer peripheral interfaces for OEMs. Successful products included Direct Data Channel (DDC) and Optical Data Channel (ODC). Peak sales exceeded $330K per employee. PCS utilized consultants to achieve this goal and minimize overhead. Gross margins were in excess of 40% providing a maximum return to stockholder.

Carl R. Boehme & Associates, Inc. (BAI) Palo Alto, CA
Senior Consultant and owner 1972-1984

BAI specialized in the development of digital subsystems for large scale computer systems and developed related systems software. BAI's profitability was directly correlated with the highly efficient project development teams consisting of programmers and engineers. Responsibilities included all aspects of corporate management.



Unmarried, two children, good health, always learning attitude.

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Professional Interests

Architecture of Computer Systems/Networks
  • The design, implementation and utilization of very large scale Digital Computer Systems.
  • The utilization of internet connected computer systems for the realization of e-commerce, communication and information dissemination.
  • The design of economical, high performance, network servers.
  • The security and fault tolerance of computer systems.
  • The application and configuration of current hardware and software technology to these systems.
  • The utilization of servers running Linux within the NT domain.
  • Network Storage Systems
    The performance, fault tolerance, and management of Network Storage systems. In particular the suitability, and burdens imposed on performance and management by the application of various RAID levels on network storage systems.
    Development of Corporate Information Systems
    Utilization of the internet for the dissemination of corporate information to customers, distributors and vendors. To cause a shift in Corporate thinking towards the value of "illuminated", or exposed information. The "Virtual Corporation" accessible via our site is an example.
    Corporate Transformation Through Information "Illumination"
    Utilization of internet/intranet technologies as a means of making information and training available to all employees. This would result in the development of spontaneous employee teams through mutual interest and availability of information. This in turn increases leadership effectiveness and contributes to corporate "competitive readiness" for the 21st century.

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    Current Projects
    Recently Completed Projects (Queue length of about two years)
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    Contact Information

    500 W. Idaho Suite #203
    Boise, Idaho 83702


    (208)-863-3474 Voice